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Narmer Launches New Website

REGINA, SK – If you’re reading this, that means you’ve found your way to our new website. Thanks for visiting!


Narmer launched a new version of its website just in time for 2019. Our goal was to simplify the design, beef up our search engine optimization, and make it easier for potential app start-ups to find us.


We really believe that we’re a perfect fit for most potential entrepreneurs and enterprise clients. Maybe you’re thinking about moving forward on an app idea that you’ve been sitting on for awhile. Or perhaps you’re looking to add value to an existing business with a mobile app for your client.


Either way, our team of UI/UX designers, full stack developers, internet marketing specialists and web engineers are more than likely to be exactly what you’re looking for.


We hope you enjoy browsing the new site. Here’s a few quick links to help you find your way:


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Happy Holidays, and all the best in 2019!