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Mobile App Developed by Narmer Accepted to Facebook Start Program

REGINA, SK –Regina-based Narmer Technology is happy to announce that one of their core app development projects ‘RealTalk’ has been accepted into Facebook’s Start program.


As part of its acceptance into Facebook Start, RealTalk will receive $20,000 in funding and services from Facebook, and has been invited to Facebook Headquarters in San Francisco later this month for a one-day orientation.


The Facebook Start program is “Facebook’s new program to help mobile startups succeed”, and chose RealTalk “because of its exciting potential for growth.”


RealTalk launched for iOS on October 23, 2014 with the vision of giving its users a platform to create authentic, meaningful connections through its video-based matching technology. The partnership with Facebook will help RealTalk grow and reach a larger audience.


Users of the app are given an anonymous 60-second video chat with a new potential friend in their area. If, after the 60-second chat, each user swipes right and liked the conversation, the pair will be matched and can continue sending text messages through the app.


“We’re thrilled to add Facebook to our team,” said RealTalk CEO Anthony Haid. “The networking opportunities and advice we’ll get from their team will help us grow our product and make it better for our users.”


RealTalk will make its first visit to Facebook Headquarters on November 20, 2014 to meet with program leaders and other startup founders.


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