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Our Process

A quick look at how we typically operate with new partners when launching a new tech product


1. Drafting a Proposal

We'll work with you to draft a project plan and a budget that involves mutual decision making. When you've received a comprehensive proposal that fits your requirements, we'll be ready to move forward.

2. Consultation and Strategy

We'll schedule an in-person consultation with you to discuss the scope of the project, the goals and vision of the product, and establish project management guidelines that will keep everyone on the same page throughout the life of the development.

3. Prototyping and Wireframes

We've collaborated with you and your team to establish a clear vision for the project. Now, our design team compiles all of that information and begins to create a seamless user experience, allowing you to see exactly how your product will look.

4. API Integration and Server Infrastructure

Our development team begins to spin up the core of your product's backend, including customized application program interfaces and lightning quick web services.

5. You're Always in the Loop

At this point, we're a month into the project, and things are moving along quickly. Our project managers will keep you tied closely to the progress. You can expect high fidelity prototypes delivered regularly, so you and your team (or family and friends) can dissect the product and make revisions on the fly.

6. Continuous Quality Assurance

Our project managers will work with you and our development team to ensure that our legendary coding practices are kept in check. Quality assurance testing is done extensively throughout the build process to make sure your product passes every use-case with flying colors.

7. A Prepared, Confident Launch

You've been engaged in the process throughout, and understand the finished product as deep as our development team. Now that your app is ready to be consumed by the public, you'll feel confident and prepared to begin marketing your newest venture.

8. We Care Deeply About Your Success

With your project now in the app store being used by consumers, our relationship with you is just getting started. We provide CTO-level service for you throughout the life of your business, and will go to great lengths to do everything we can to make this a success for you, your team, and your family.

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